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Qualified, Certified Instructors with more than

10 years of combined experience

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Professional strategies achieved
double the average passing rate
in the board exam

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Our high quality Programs
can reach you wherever
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First Specialized Academy for Continued Pharmacy Education (CPE)

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Distance Learning

  • MPA offers a series of online Educational programs designed to reach an audience of Pharmacists from around the world, who are not able to attend our programs physically. The Internet is used to deliver course live lectures with video, audio, multimedia, and to communicate with the instructor.

Medscape Today Headlines

Fascioliasis (liver fluke infestation) is a waterborne and foodborne neglected tropical disease affecting an estimated 2.4 million people worldwide, with an additional 180 million at risk.
FDA Approvals

Sepsis deaths were common, but most were unpreventable and related to underlying illness; an expert urges caution when interpreting results and calls for more research to improve sepsis care.
Medscape Medical News

After facing sharp criticism from readers, the American Academy of Neurology's flagship journal has retracted an essay about a patient encounter that it acknowledged 'contains racist characterizations.'
Medscape Medical News

High doses of prescribed NSAIDS are linked to increased risk of potentially preventable cases of acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease in active young adults.
Medscape Medical News