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Qualified, Certified Instructors with more than

10 years of combined experience

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Professional strategies achieved
double the average passing rate
in the board exam

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Our high quality Programs
can reach you wherever
you are

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First Specialized Academy for Continued Pharmacy Education (CPE)

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Distance Learning

  • MPA offers a series of online Educational programs designed to reach an audience of Pharmacists from around the world, who are not able to attend our programs physically. The Internet is used to deliver course live lectures with video, audio, multimedia, and to communicate with the instructor.

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A pathologist working while impaired in the Arkansas Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks gave incorrect diagnoses to three veterans who later died, according to the Veterans Administration.
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Bottle-feeding breast milk leads to faster weight gain than direct nursing, but it is still beneficial compared with exclusive formula feeding or supplementation.
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A trilogy of new articles details the many shapes and forms of discrimination and bias experienced by ob-gyn practitioners and suggests strategies to help tackle them.
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Antibiotics may be a feasible alternative to surgery for uncomplicated acute appendicitis, according to 5-year follow-up data from a randomized trial.
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